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A life in review
Things I have found/found out whilst moving house.

  • I have too many records, CD's and tapes, the space they take up is four times the area of the rest of my possessions.

  • A Christmas present from an ex-girlfriend that has been left unopened for 8 or so years.

  • An original Megatron Evil Decepticon Transformer

  • Lots of clothes past on from my Dad that has suddenly become fashionable.

  • An original Return Of The Jedi annual.

  • A tub of Panini/Merlin stickers including American Football stars, Ghostbusters and Mask.

  • Lots of childrens books that might be worth a bit of money like Rupert the Bear, 1970's Ladybird books collection.

  • My Liverpool Football shirt from 1992 and a Liverpool Football Club Calendar from around the same time including pictures of Ian Rush, Alan Hansen and Bruce Grobbelar.

  • A Trainspotting t-shirt with Renton's infamous 'It's shite being Scottish...' rant on it.

  • A collection of jumpers so vile Noel Edmunds wouldn't wear them I am willing to bet.

  • The only time I smiled in photo's when I was younger was when I was playing on the swings.

  • Moving house is a real pain.

  • I am a hoarder of emense junk.

There are a lot of other bits and pieces but it doesn't make for easy reading.

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