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Blast this water and rubble
Trust my luck that when I decide to go out to town and record some video footage of Manchester bit and pieces it would rain. Still managed to do a little. I hate using video cameras because it is so unnatural compared to something like a normal camera. It's makes perfect sense that I looked like a complete fool walking around town with this DV camcorder pretending I was some hotshot indie filmmaker. Looking at a screen is what does my head in, same reason why digital photography is not going to be on the cards soon for me either.

So while it was raining I popped into one of my favourite exhibition places Cube (Centre for Understanding the Built Environment). They had a World Trade Center exhibition on what should be built at Ground Zero. There were plenty of ideas, all really well presented but only a few that caught my eye. Nice place to go to just for a wander. It didn't stop raining when I left and the bus was heaving. Fifty people all crammed together and perspiring heavily after doing some last minute shopping, I'm glad I walk when I am in Bath. Great days, great days.


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