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Relatively speaking
I usually hate visiting my relatives because it's a bunch of people I hardly know gossiping and frowning on your current lifestyle, you get compared to their grandchildren and they happily tot up the plus points they have over you. I just switch off and nod wisely. However this time around I wasn't too bothered and it was actually nice to see them. Maybe it's a sign of growning up and being mature. Probably not though. It's probably because I know they can say what they like and I wouldn't mind one little bit. More than two decades worth of this rubbish hardens you.

You can tell when something about new media is big when it get's into a mainstream paper in the broadsheet section. There was an interesting story in The Guardian about the Trent Lott farce. It talks about how people's commentary in their blogs brought the extra attention and picked up on things the main newspapers oversaw. Impressive.


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