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This is it...
So here it is, some records that I have really enjoyed this year. I've missed a lot out because my record collection is now officially locked away until I have time to sort them out. Will probably add more to the list if and when I do get a chance.

  • Múm - Finally We Are One LP : absolutely brilliant Icelandic group taking the crown from Sigur Rós.

  • RJD2 - Deadringer LP: After hearing this only two weeks ago it has become a favourite. For fans of DJ Shadow and hip-hop crossover.

  • 42 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity Compilation : Superb Icelandic ambient electronica compilation. Do we see a pattern forming?

  • Baxter Dury - Len Parrots Memorial Lift : An album that is mellow and easy going and a bit psychadelic and wonderfully soothing. 'Lucifer's Grain' is brilliant.

  • Beth Gibbon & Rustin Man - Out Of Season LP : Collaborative effort that is perfectly brilliant. Beth's voice is simply stunning.

  • Laura Cantrell - When The Roses Bloom Again LP : Out favourite country singer returns with her second album. Not quite as good as her debut but still on another level.

  • James Yorkston & The Atheletes - Moving Up Country LP: Great debut album of minimal fuss.
  • Nice Man - Sauchiehall & Hope (A Pop Opera) : This is how power-pop should be.

  • Movern Callar Soundtrack : The film was arty and beautifully shot, the soundtrack is equally beautiful.

  • You Don't Need Darkness To Do What You Think Is Right Compilation : The Geographic label has put out so many brilliant records in the past few years. This compilation with the Pastels, National Park and a host of other bands is a quiet gem.

  • Badly Drawn Boy - You Were Right single : An almost perfect song from Manchester's finest.

  • Stephen Fretwell - 8 Songs 10": Late entry into the chart that I am most impressed with.

  • Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots LP : I literally heard this today for the first time and I am blown away.

  • Fourtet - Pause LP: This year or last year, whatever still brilliant for Kerion's great ability to experiment and dabble with music.

  • Be Good Tanya's - Blue Horse LP: Simply a nice trio making tradional country music with a lot of character.

There are a load more I can't remember not because they were unmemorable but because I go through so much music that I can't remember what I am listening to a week ago let along for a whole year. I'm not sure what exactly was released this year and stuff which was released last year I only got round to listening to this year too. My gig of the year was obviously the return of the BMX Bandits at The Spitz in London but the Grandmaster Flash gig in Birmingham was a sensation experience. I also rediscovered Stina Nordenstam, Radiohead's OK Computer and reggae.


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