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Don't bomb the bass
I finally figured out why my record player output had some strange feedback on it. It was the power supply to my laptop. As soon as I disconnected the power the feedback went. Now I can record some of my records into MP3. I think I will buy a cheap record player for when I am in Bath as it is getting to a stage where I want to put on a record even though the advantages of MP3's is that I can stick a MP3 CD on and let it play for hours on end. I am now torn between buying things on vinyl and enjoying great artwork and playing a record or having a CD so that I can rip it to MP3. I think I am just consuming music at such a pace that I am forgetting to enjoy it.

Anyway all I wanted was to record the limited edition Blur 7" Don't Bomb When You Are The Bomb for my brother and housemate. I actually like Blur's new direction. Also managed to play my copy of The White Stripes 7" Red Death at 6:14. It was the first track I ever heard by the White Stripes and I was blown away. Currently Stephen Fretwell is enjoying some publicity, and after listening to some of his EP I think deservedly so.

Right it's a cold sunny day in Manchester and I will make the most of it.


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