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Such thing as minimal multimedia?
Surprised to hear that a former work colleague of mine Dom is leaving for pastures anew. Actually I shouldn't be that suprised because I made a bet with him a few months back before I left that he would still be there by the time I finish my course. He responded positively that was not going to be the case. Guess I owe him a few beers on his leaving do. He must have been as fed up with working on Crockfords Casino as I had been. We started on the same day and should have arranged to leave on the same day too.

A question on multimedia. Why is it do I feel compelled to put sound effects on all the buttons in my Director project? Just because it is going to be a mulitmedia CD-ROM do I have to fall in the trap of having some silly effect go off everytime you click a button? I'm actually thinking of delaying the sound effects so they happen a different stages of the movie just to confuse the user. Also do we need to animate everything for the sake of having movement on screen? For crying out loud I know it's multimedia but I don't need to have things moving around distracting me ALL the time. I'm fed up with flashing banner adverts on the Web and now I can't get away from them in the privacy of my own Director movie clip. I guess this rant is indicative of my current lack of creativity to make things seem interesting. However I am interested in things being used effectively.

At least listening to the New Order Retro box set has reduced my hair tearing moments. The 17 minute version of Elegia is wonderful.


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