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Sound as a pound
Last night was the course night out. Everyone had a really good time and we were way more than a little bit merry. The Central Bar in Bath is a nice place and had a decent selection of beers, although the music could have been quieter. Funnily they removed half the photos from the walls half way into the night leaving the clean squares on the walls. Some of us went to f.East for food which is exactly like Wagamama. I think my Duck Masara could have been better but it filled me up. The waiter was being off with us and taking the mick as there was a miscommunication of what we ordered. We all left in the end without giving the service charge. I guess we won't be going back there anytime soon. The thing with Bath is that there is nowhere to go for a drink late into the night, well nowhere nice anyway. So we all ended up at the Moles with a Latina night on. The clientel was a little strange to say the least. It seemed like everyone off the street including the dog had come in for a drink. No hangover this morning which is a nice feeling, amazing what your body can cope with.


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