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One down another to go
Presented my Web project today in front of the class. As usual it took a lot of effort to set up because the Mac is so nice at throwing away all my jpeg file extensions. Why on earth would it do that? Guess that's just OS 9. The presentation once I got going was okay. Everyone else's was impressive especially Darren's who did a site on software synthezisers and looked amazingly professional.

Does it feel strange to be returning to Manchester? Well it does now, even if it is a few days away. The fact that I won't be doing my own cooking would be the thing I miss. Anyway sure everything will work out alright and it's going to be nice to see my brother again. Time will fly by I'm sure. It's not the first time I've said it but I am really confused. My home won't be a home and down here it's definitely not home.


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