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Mac attack
This was yesterdays blog entry but my housemate was purchasing a digital camera online so I couldn't get online.
I don't know how I got the impression that Mac's were brilliant and never crashed. But today it crashed five times in the space of ten minutes because I was copying 200 files across the network. Come on even Windows doesn't do that.

There's a nasty cold snap passing through Britain at the moment and I could really tell today. The University heaters seem to have been packed in as none of them would work. Everyone was wearing their coats. I must be used to the cold by now working in the freezing shed on Fridays. My room is so cold the wind is coming straight through the window. I might have to board them up with my duvet if it gets any colder.

The queue at Somerfield was horrendous, everyone was complaining and people just left their shopping at the checkout and went. They were really stroppy that I was using a Kwik Save/Somerfield paper voucher rather than a nice smart card. I couldn't be bothered arguing with them as I didn't have the time. Not my fault that Kwik Save haven't implemented a smart card scheme in Manchester yet.

Here's a nice link, probably the worst web design ever. Actually I've seen worse but not in a long while. This is courtesy of our end of year type quiz.

Heard OK Computer by Radiohead for the first time in three years. Although fairly depressing it was still highly enjoyable.


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