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It's what's called self diagnosis
It was extremely busy at Oxfam today especially with the 3 for 2 Christmas card offer. People just can't refuse an offer. Stick the CD's in the window and they sell like hot cakes. Unbelievable.

Housemate has been watching the very first season of Red Dwarf. It has aged a lot but still quite enjoyable. Heard it was going to be revived next year in the shape of a film. You'll see all these twenty-somethings going 'smeg' all the time.

In last twenty-four hours I have listened to about four hours worth of reggae and an album by RJD2 called 'DeadRinger'. The RJD2 album is extremely good. Cross between hip-hop and electronica, bit like DJ Shadow. I would probably go as far as saying it is one of the best albums I have heard this year. That reminds me to start compiling my top records of the year list soon. Bit difficult without much of my records around me to remind me of what I brought this year.


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