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The darkest hour is just before dawn
I felt really disillusioned with life in general today. I don't think I am actually going anywhere even though I clearly am, just where. Ended up making some comfort food of mash with some homemade bread and cream cheese. Cheered me up a little whilst I got on with yep you guessed it Director work. I got my pop guns today too. They sound really loud in my large echoey room, great bit of enjoyment and stopped me from thinking too much.

Morvern Callar based on the Alan Warner novel was a nice film. It's got that Mike Leigh gritty realism yet at the same time being quite dreamy. The cinematography is outstanding with the colours of the Spanish setting bright like a Lomographic photo. I've not read the book and was disappointed with the ending but the performances are great and story although a little far fetched done well. The soundtrack is outstanding and plays an integral part of the film. The last scene with The Mama's and The Papas 'Dedicated To The One I Love' was a great, but that was when I didn't want it to end, although I can think of a happy ending.


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