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That man over there can be finished off
So today my pitch achieved 58%, not good but not disastrous. I think with the lack of information I suffer from that lack of creativity. Nothing inherantly wrong with my idea just need to put more effort into it. So it will have to be better next time. I am currently proving right the statistic technical people on the course don't actually do very well. I will try and change that but I know I'm in for a rough ride.

Afterwards went to HTV Bristol to mingle with some television people. Quite interested in what a few people had to say, especially in the realm of expermental digital art and some good no nonsense interview/application form techniques from a woman at BBC Bristol.

Third outing of the day was to the annual Oxfam Christmas Party. Got to meet all the other volunteers from the three Oxfam shops in Bath. Predominantly retired woman as usual. Some nice nibbles and wine was to be had and a raffle. Jake who has been coming to these parties for the past three years has won something but this year he didn't. I on the otherhand won an Oxfam voucher. Wasn't a late night party but a relaxing start to the evening before I jumped into the world of Director madness.


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