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I wish him well with his gift
Wooden pop gun

Found a place to buy a wooden pop gun. In fact there are a lot of places that sell them, Toy Giant seem a real friendly lot to get them from. At 2 and only a quid for postage everyone should have one. I can see David Brent using the pop gun in his office shooting through the blinds at his workers.

At the swimming baths today they removed all the lane divisions. What a blissful thing to be able to swim freely around the pool. Oddly everyone had left the pool by half past ten.

Have decided that blogging is one of the best things to happen since email and the Web, so much so I am thinking of using it as a basis for my cultural theory essay next year. You can read more on weblogs at Rebecca Blood's website. A veteran of blogging and media-squatters.


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