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Everybody else sees you in the wrong way, no one else sees you my way
Really nothing is happening at the moment. I just don't have anything to write about. My adventures in life have slowed down so much I don't think my social commentary count for much. Have been thinking of moving my blog over to my Lomohome which has a gallery of my Lomos. I think it may make more sense. At least if you don't like what you are reading you can get a nice picture.

My charity website work is nearing completion and I am quite happy with it. It's been a hard slog at times but worth it. I've certainly learnt a lot from doing it. Hopefully it will be launched after some more testing after the Easter break.

It's been real quiet at the University with all the students away. On some days I don't even speak to anyone at all apart from the bus driver and that's not a conversation. Some things I plan to do over the next few days :

  • Read a book, which one depends on whether my order arrives today

  • Sleep

  • Sort out my Mac with the Virtual PC stuff and spring clean my overloaded aging PC, hell I might even back things up!

  • Sleep

  • Experiment with out of date film I brought that's currently sitting in the fridge

  • Sleep

  • Go watch 'Kasparov V's the Machine' at the cinema

  • Sleep

  • Go into Manchester to sort out a proposal with some friends, probably end up taking pictures right he back streets again if the weather is nice

  • Sleep

  • Listen to music, really like listen, appreciate and enjoy it and not just have it as background music. I've got lots of records that I've not played once slowly accumulating in my room.

I know very boring, I'm just doing things I've not had chance to do in the past few months rather than it being a break. The problem with me is that I plan too many things and end up feeling disappointed when I inevitably don't do them all. If I get more sleep that will be a big start.

Have a good Easter.