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Spinning clean lines
After what I said about online music downloads I must confess I have now brought my first online album/EP. A collection of songs from the Twisted Nerve Jukebox 45 Series which I have got on vinyl. That's probably the most silly thing, already owning the records yet going for convienience. I must say that Twisted Nerve are nice in providing sleeves for you to print out but it's a shame that they are at an average bit rate, still Adian Smith et al are excellent. Is this going to start a trend, I hope not.

At the weekend I was starting to get hooked on my brothers Powerball Gyroscope. It's a combination of fun and self imposed torture. You keep wanting another go even if your arm is shattered. The funny thing is that you look completely silly as you try to get the high rpm's and people who don't know what you are doing may question your insanity as they look on. I am really crap at it and although I still think it's a gadget I must admit to liking it.

Went to the Peter Saville exhibition at Urbis oever weekend. I really enjoyed his clean design and his influences. The best thing about Saville is he admits that he borrows, recycles, is hugely influenced by things he seen and done. You can't argue with that honesty and his input into the exhibition really helps. I like his Photoshoped artworks and his complex thoughts into the record sleeves designs is exemplary. I can only aspire to do something similar but better!



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Alright Ed.

My highest Powerball score is 11011.

I heard about the Peter Saville exhibition, really want to go but not had the chance yet.


Posted by Rob @ 02/17/2004 04:32 PM GMT