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Music dig in the downloads
I spent a whole we at the university which is very sad. Okay I didn't stay here at night but I've made a visit every day this week. I will not be dragged here again if I can help it. It's not that bad, I needed to do some work for a charity website I am working on so it's much better to have a permanent web connection to check things out and do the research hence the Saturday visit. Now if I was mighty organised I would have gone swimming here at the same time but I wasn't so I'm back in on a Sunday. I guess the good thing is the the Uni pool is ozone treated so I don't stink when I leave.

It's the last week that the train upgrades are happening so hopefully I will be head back to Manchester at the weekends without any problems.

I am getting mighty peeved with this MyDoom virus with what seems like a never ending amount of dodgy attachments filling my inbox. Good job my hosting upgrade gives me a load more space.

When it comes to MP3's I think I've just become addicted to the format because of it's ease to obtain, play and now it's all starting to become very interesting with legal download site becoming available.

In the past I said I would go out and buy the record anyway if at all possible but enjoy being able to listen to a vinyl only track on my iPod but slowly I am aquiring albums that I would not plan on buying, ever. As a digital commodity I really don't have anything tangible so to speak, although I can and sometimes burn them onto CD. I do have a stack of MP3 CD's but browsing through them in a folder is a soulless experience. I go 'oh I've not listened to that for ages' and the subsequently just keep on browsing. In fact I think I am narrowing my choices as to what to listen because I can't see the sleeve or read the notes etc. Maybe if I went further to make a copy of the cover it wouldn't be so bad but I really can't be bothered. This convenience is to a certain extent making me lose touch with the music I own. As much of my records and CD's are stored away because I don't have any room at my current place I do find that when I get access to them a few times a month there is more a joy going through them, but with such a limited time I mostly end up only looking for something specific. I'm not sure what the point I'm try to make is, maybe this is just saying I need to get my own place so that for the first time in years I am able to have a coherant and visible collection to browse through and rediscover lost gems! I still keep on buying records but not as much these days and although things like Warp's Bleep are very good I don't think I would pay £6.99 for a 'virtual' copy of the album, do you get sleeve designs, the liner notes etc? Nope so that doesn't help. I will just end up being overwhelmed by the amount of digital information I own and have to archive.

If the iTunes Shop ever reaches Europe then I guess the best thing will be that you can preview most of the tracks before going out to the shops and buying it. Still many problems though as not many small label singles get a look in. My own record label won't certainly sell it's wares online because so much is to do with the physical object and the physical interaction.

Blimey I feel like I am going crazy...Maybe I already am.