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Wet but musical
I can't believe the incredibly wet weather we are having in Lancaster. You only had to be in the rain for about 10 seconds before it soaked you to the skin. I used my umbrella for the first time in almost a year. The funny thing when I caught the bus, the driver drove as close as possible to the pavement causing a massive splashes all the way up to the Univerisity. I don't think he managed to splash anyone walking by. I wasn't even sure as to if he was doing it intentionally or it's jus the way he usually drives.

Thankfully there is only one more week of the train disruptions to endure. Might be able to go to Manchester without it taking more than two hours.

Current things that are worth listening to are : Death Cab For Cutie's Transalanticism, Air's Talkie Walkie album is quite soundtracky and makes for good background music. There's the My Morning Jacket albums which I think are damn fine. If you go over to Digital Club Network you can watch some full length live videos. There's loads of other stuff like some great doo-wop after I watched the Channel Four documentary The Voice. Radio 1 had a good 2 hour documentary on Domino Records on the ever brilliant One World show, shame it's on so late, I keep falling asleep. They only have the current show available for listening. They really should have archives. Okay that's enough music for now. I could go on about some of the new Badly Drawn Boy tracks too.