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Moving all the way round the corner
So having moved again in the past week I am slowly settling into a more natural routine of waking up and going to work at a decent time. There are no screaming kids about, I have a warmer room and there is a nice cat. All of which is very pleasant. Only real problem is that I have so much stuff I don't have anywhere to store it now. The main thing is that I am pretty much self-sufficient with everything from cutlery to my own duvet but not the kitchen sink. Now that most things are being supplied to me there is no need to have it hanging around. I've even got all the equipment for ADSL routing yet I don't have access to the Internet in my new place anymore. No real loss as it makes me focus more when doing things and not spend a lot of time messing around or being distracted.

Anyway I'm feeling much better about my new place especially having just organised my MP3 discs. Now I might be able to listen to more songs that I haven't heard in a while. Hoping that I don't have to move again soon but as always that could change in no time.

Noticed that the new series of ER has just come onto E4, can't wait for Channel Four to start showing them. The only real excuse to watch TV, that and all those diverse range of documentaries with great names being shown (I mean Pissed on the job, how did they ever get the word pissed on there?).

So a trip to to Manchester that usually takes just over an hour is going to take two hours tomorrow. The lines are being upgraded so part of the journey is by bus. Not looking forward to four hours of travelling. Although First Northwestern are often touted as being very poor for their service, they haven't been too bad on the route I take. Hopefully the upgrades will be worth it in the long term.