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Saving paper
In this digital age lots of people like myself still buy newspapers. I for one don't want to read a whole paper through a web browser. The other thing is that most online edition of newspapers lack all the peripheral elements of a newspaper page like the accompanying images, the adverts etc. However The Guardian & Observer has a a forthcoming digital version of the paper. By this I mean an exact scan of the paper as you would get if you brought it in the shop. Although you will have to pay it's free for the moment so go have a look - The Guardian Digital Edition. The possibilities of this are brilliant, let say someone tells you about an advert from the paper from a few days ago, you could go online and have a look. I don't buy the paper everyday but I could still keep up with Steve Bell's if.. . The ability to print off the paper as it was also makes it very useful too. The only limitation I guess would be how much it would cost and how long they keep the archive for.

Regardless I know if I was living abroad I would pay. I wonder if other papers are doing the same thing? Online versions of the Sun, Star, Daily Mail, News of the World anyone?