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Happy New Year
Blimey I've become really lazy about this blog. First entry for weeks. I am not making any New Years resolutions to update it more frequently though.

It's probably the first time that there was no 'incidents' at home while I was there over Christmas. All quiet and pretty peaceful. I managed the usual eating too much but not drinking a lot, tidied up a little and listened to a lot of music (but no records as I couldn't be bothered setting up my record player), went to Electric Chair and saw Norman Jay DJ a storming set, gave my dad some computing lessons, made record sleeves, took lots of lomographs, started packing for my imminent move and caught up on sleep. Can't think if this is any different from my normal days off. I think I just didn't have to spend as much money.

First day back to work, it's still as quiet as ever (until the students return next week).

Best record I heard over Christmas Cody ChestnuTT's The Headphone Masterpiece, some weird and wonderful tracks that cross multiple genres recorded by himself. They are soulful and funny but maybe the album should have been cut down to one as some of the tracks did just go by me. The video to 'Look Good In Leather' is brilliant though.