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Dead iPod in the ear
Nearly every single magazine and newspaper has named the iPod as their must have gadget of the year especially now that all the celebs have one. iPod's Dirty Secret is a great backlash video against the poor battery life that the iPod has. This guy's iPod battery only lasted 18 months and then it wouldn't hold any charge. As a owner of the first generation iPod I haven't had much of a decrease in battery power two years down the line, maybe 30%.

I know that Apple have started to replace batteries if you buy after sales service but it could work out to be a very expensive gadget. Something to think about before splashing out for one. I'll wait for the fourth generation of iPod's before upgrading. Apple should look into it a bit more. The community are getting a bit tired of the little things that should be solved. I wonder how the other MP3 players cope with internal rechargables.

Regarding the best of list I did yesterday I would like to add Luma Lane's debut mini LP - reminds me of Joy Zipper, beautiful sounds and vocals.