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Is there a storm coming or are we just another shower?
Again the wait for my record pressings is killing me. It's probably the most unpleasant thing about running the label. It used to be okay as I knew pretty much exactly when I would get them as the plant would have tracking. I suppose that's what you pay for in postage charges. Now I get them half way across the world there's non of this certainty and with the Christmas post filling the postal service up I don't know where it could be. Maybe the answer is it to get all the releases I plan to do in a year pressed at once then just release them over the course of a year. Blimey I will have exact release dates like proper majors, that would be a change. I might need more storage for the records but it's better that they are over here than on a ship somewhere. Anyway when they do get here it will be some quality tracks by Mundane Music - music to make you smile.

The benefits of working at a University are the long breaks you get. Only problem is the mass rush to get things done before the break. Suddenly the momentum has gathered and work is required. Going into University at 8 in the morning is a strange experience. It's so dead I feel completely our of place. At that time in a city centre there would be the mad rush to work. To get the same effect you would probably have to start work at 5 am. Now then, I remember coming out of work at 5:30 am once and it wasn't that quiet in Manchester. I managed to get the first bus home. Those were the mad dot com days.