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I wish I had invented the lawnmower
That's what Mikhail Kalashnikov - the inventor of the AK47 - said in an interview I read a year ago. It inspired me to do a poster with those words and his portrait. I printed it out but never stuck it up, mainly because it was rubbish as I was experimenting with Illustrator back then. What got me thinking about this again? There's another interview with him in the Guardian in which Mikhail says he has no regrets at all and loses no sleep at all having invented the robust killing device. I'm sure he said the lawnmower thing though although there is no mention of it here (he does talk about engines though). It's a good article anyway so read it for yourself.

interview with Mikhail Kalashnikov

Back to Illustrator and the new Adobe Creative Suite or CS looks extremely impressive. Well the actual software looks good but I'm talking about the packaging which has an air of sophistication taking the products to new design levels. Previously most of the products have designs which are related to the product like the camera lens and eye montage for Photoshop, but these stencil images of feathers, flowers, butterflies etc are beautiful. I think I've moaned about packaging in the past, mainly because loads of things are over packaged. I do appreciate good packaging design and have collected bits and pieces. Okay it may not sell me Adobe CS as I can't afford to upgrade again but it enhances it's image as being the choice for professionals. I haven't tried the new versions but I bet they are more bloated and heavy on resources than ever. I will have to upgrade my PC if I wanted to use them. So the message? Adobe you are a creative bunch, nice packaging but no I won't be buying.

If anyone out there has brought the any of the CS packages then I am willing to buy the box sleeve off you, crazy I know but they will make a great set of pictures to hang on the wall.

Photoshop box
Illustrator box
Go Live box
InDesign box
CS boxes