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Some gold things happening there
After reading about the general post holiday syndrome that people suffer from because they just did TOO much whilst off work, I've decided to take it easy doing not too much whilst on my long weekend. So far I have been to the Earth From The Air open air exhibition in the grounds of The Natural History Museum which had me captivated for hours. I stumbled into a talk on Zoomorphic Architechture at the V and A which was also fascinating if a little futuristic. They had a plan for the redevelopment of Morecombe seafront which looked out of this work yet completely feasible. Not sure how people will react to a giant seafront construction when all they want is to sit on the beach. Also caught the Bridget Riley exhibition at Tate Britain. I've found Tate Britain to be a lot more friendly than it's trendy counterpart. The exhibition was brilliant, her work is based on a lot of maths and the use of patterns to create completely crazy optical illusions. I really admire her patience to paint the lines and think up the paintings without a computers. In fact they looked more perfect that computer generated patterns with a feeling of thought and substance behind them. Okay you may think that I've done a lot but not as much as I would have done if I had rushed about around London nipping into exhibitions here and there. I gave myself plenty of time to wander around but London has this constant frustrating busy-ness to it I was worn out just fighting to get off the tube. Only a small dose will do at a time. Not to mention the expense that I can't afford right now...