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You got to have something to defend
It's finally happening, I'm getting my own office space after being at my new job for a month. Well I say 'my own' office space, I'm sharing with someone else. That's great as I get to communicate with someone in person rather than by email which seems to be the norm. At last a space I can plonk my books and papers without fear of messing up someone elses work space. The views not as nice (2 massive air conditioning units) but at least it won't have the workmen doing construction work there.

Some more gubbins I've seen and like. The French animation Belleville Rendez-Vous looks excellent. The Flash site has this page turning effect that one of the guys who won a Mando Group award used. It's getting quite common to use that bit of Actionscript. It's nicely implemented and workd well though.

There does seem to be a lot of Americans who voice bad things of their own culture and lifestyle. You would think that the Americans might pay attention to people like Michael Moore and reflect on their own society and do something about it for their own good. Big and Blue in the USA is another article about the overweight, lonely, depressed, car driving American. It's a good read and James Howard Kunstler makes some good observations and thoughts.

So Apple release new versions of the iPod this week although just bigger size hard drives with a whopping 40Gb. I am hoping they will bring out a recording version sometime soon but I'm not sure how this will affect the battery life. I heard that the iPod Sony lithium-polymer battery has a normal lifespan of 2 years which lets be honest is a bit pants. If you record using the device I guess your lifespan will be half that because the battery will drain quicker and you need to charge it more often. Maybe increasing the built in memory will help. My first generation iPod is still working great and taking less of a beating now that I don't use it as much as an external hard drive.

One final thing since the WTO are meeting in Cancun. The Guardian launched a new campaign a while ago with the snappy name of Kick-AAS. The aim is to get the developing nations to drop the huge agricultural subsidies that are dished out. A worthy campaign to support although it is not looking too good at the moment.