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It's my party and I'll cry if I want to
How to enjoy a weekend part 2, firstly get soaked going grocery shopping, then spend the next four hours trying to create the right design for a record sleeve. Next spend a further two hours messing making very tiny adjustments until satiisfied. During all this listen to the entire New Order Retro box set CD's, one documentary on Elvis impersonators narrated by the great Ian Macmillan and the England V's Macedonia match. Later on in the evening listen to Teenage Fanclub and Flaming Lips whilst designing stuff for a website. The following day help to organise and throw a kids party that has really can't be called a kids party because there are nine times more adults. All goes well with few minor accidents. I guess it's not everyone's idea of a weekend but certainly different for me, kids are tiring and messy, very messy. I was going to nip to the seaside during the day but that will have to happen in a few weeks time. The rain held off as well.