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I work virtually
Right four weeks into my new job as a web developer, I still don't have a computer. Technically I do have a computer but no one is available to set up the network settings for me, hence not usable. It's starting to be really frustrating that I am on the verge of moving offices yet have no fixed date. I loathe using someone else's computer because I hate it when people install all sorts of rubbish I don't need when they used to use my office PC. I have so far installed 5 web browsers on the machine which I will have to remember to uninstall.

So how rich are you in comparison to the rest of the world. According to Global Rich List I am in the top 2.7 percent of earners on my current salary. I've never felt rich and have been realistic with what I can and can't do with money, I am still as happy with my position now as when I had no income. It's all relative, I just reduce my expectations and work harder to get what I want to do. Go check out your richness at the site. It's one to email friends. Speaking of which this is a {{link semi-funny Flash thing on forwarded spam emails}} (Sorry link removed). Now start forwarding your life.