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He don't work and he don't sleep
Okay I did say I was going to keep up this blog but then that all got shot to pieces. I realised that with a normal working pattern, I wasn't exactly jumping to go on a computer when I got home to write about the day because I had just spent the previous eight hours in front of a screen.

Anyway about my new job. It's progressing slowly and sometimes I feel there could be a little more pace. Having previously worked in a 'new' media company I was used to being under pressure and getting things done quickly. Here it's a little different because the response to meeting requests and information can be slow. This obviously has it's advantages and disadvantages. I am using this to my advantage to focus on things a little more in the areas where I am getting responses and feedback. I am now able to exploit the skills of designing using CSS rather than tables which is great. There is still a debate whether to ditch Netscape 4 because of it's bad CSS2 support. The way I see it is that you are not necessarily forgetting about it, just the presentation won't be as good as on later version of graphical browsers. If you provide a nice stylesheet for older browsers it too can work. There are literally tens of browsers around and I am guessing most will not be displaying it the way you want. Important thing is that they can access the real information in a coherant manner.

Well other than work it's been all about listening to music. Not just from my room but from my landlady's son's new guitar amp. The neighbours are sure pleased with the breathtaking sonic submission pumping out at all hours.