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No I made that from a kit last week
How to spend a weekend. Take one huge purple pinky network cable, one network router, one network card and one screaming kid = one massive headache. I wired the computers in my new place so that the broadband connection could be shared. Okay the wiring wasn't a problem apart from not having a proper hammer and the walls being so cheap that they seem to fall apart from a little tap, forgot to mention that I was wiring it up three floors. Anyway the network was working fine. Only problem was my network card in my laptop. It was completely refusing to work properly. So I spent about eight hours and 50 crashes before I finally got the conflict sorted. I was on the verge of giving up but it just started working which was a relief as I was about to rebuild the machine.

So Manchester City start the season off with a win, but Liverpool go down at Chelsea (warning LFC site is the slowest one I've ever used, I helped to sort out a few problems for the site when it was relaunched a few years ago, but it seems to have become even slower).