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Right back into the swing of things
It's been a while hasn't it? I literally took a month off at the end of my course when I headed back up north. I debated for a while of whether to keep this blog updated.

The original purpose has changed but I will continue it as long as I feel there is something to write about. Sometimes this blog has been a bit mundane and me just whining about work, hopefully less or more of that as today I start a new job. Back to being a Web Developer. I will write more about what I have been up to later on.

So new job and new location. I'm not sure I like moving around too often going from one end of the country to the other, though at the moment it's fine just so that I can do a job to get more experience. So what have I been up to in the inbetween month I didn't blog? Here's a quick summary.

  • Go back home to parents sharing a room with my brother. The house is still as much of a tip as it was six months ago.

  • Dad has taken up golf and so he is trying to get everyone else to try it. Go to the driving range with him. I am completely useless and spend more time swinging into thin air than hitting the actual balls. Made me admire the people who can hit a ball where they want it. Not likely I will be taking it up soon though.

  • Spend a lot of money on books, not just any old books, but a bunch of accessibility and usability books. Managed to get quite a good bargain with them as the publisher was in trouble.

  • Having spent my money, I find out later that my overdraft is nearing breaking point. Might need to grovel to the manager to extend it. I'm in my worst financial situation for years.

  • Settle into my new place. Lots of annoying things that I can't get used to. From a cold bright room to smallish dull ground floor room. It's still cold though. I don't think I've quite settled into it yet.

  • Redo a big part of my This Room Of Wonder site after the responses from the Submerge exhibition. You can now explore my room in more glorious Flash. All done in nifty XML too even though it makes it slower.

  • Start a new job being a Web Developer. So far I have expected most of the things that have happened. Won't go into detail until I'm more comfortable there.

Okay it wasn't that interesting and you haven't missed much. There's other things going on which have been interesting though including new Digital Radios, the new version of OS X, loads of great records including two brilliant EPs by Aidan Smith, and a great album by Manecas Costa on the Late Junction label, first saw him at the opening of the Bath Music Festival. Speaking of which they finally did an opening of the new Bath Spa's, although they are not open to the public for a few months. It was delayed for ages.