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So this is goodbye
So I've just come back from Manchester having said goodbye to my Auntie who is lucky enough to emmigrate to New Zealand. Although a hell of a journey back and forth it was made worse by the fact someone threw a brick or large stone at the train carriage moments just leaving Manchester towards Cheadle. It was a good job the double glazing was quite tough and it was safety glass so no sharp points. I find it sad that kids (I'm guessing no adult would such a thing) do this for kicks.

So I enjoyed the sunny Manchester weather with my Auntie, we chatted about the past, present and future. It's great to hear her point of view because she's English which was real tough marrying into a Chinese family. Will miss her a lot. Nice also to see our kid again albeit very briefly, things seem to be working out well for him. Finally I managed to meet up with a friend who always puts a smile on my face with her vibrant outlook and optimism on life. All in all a fine day.

Back to packing for the next few days.