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What time is it?
It's quite surreal to have time on my hands, I'm just thinking I can read books, draw, listen to music without the need to rush about. I do need to tidy my room and pack up everything though which is going to take some doing. I think having some time to reflect on the past year will be nice. Then to think about the future even though I tend not to look too far.

We had an end of course barbeque at one of our coursemates house just before and it was quite a subdued affair. I think it was because everyone was so tired from working so hard these past few weeks. I know my body clock is really messed up. I can't get to sleep until two in the morning these days which just makes me tired the next day.

Next week I plan to sleep more, do more excercise and get my portfolio sorted. Last thing recommended album is 'Happy Songs For Happy People' by Mogwai which is a brilliant album and puts together some of their best qualities with some nice changes.