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When the stars come to town.
On Friday it was the Bath School of Art And Design preview open evening. A few of the MA students set up machines to show their almost complete work. The PGDip students had three machines to show each of the group's Museum of Costume prototypes. I setup some of my other project work on a machine too. Everyone else seemed too busy to set up their work or actually bother to turn up except Anna who was in the same group as me anyway. Since there were no signs pointing to our multimedia studios we thought there wasn't going to be many people. And we were right, although I did have to explain and demo our MOC prototype to the Mayor of Bath and his wife which was rather humourous. I had only had one can of beer at that point but felt a little sleepy because of the heat and hayfever symptoms. Trying not to look out of it is the hardest thing in the world as you try so hard to pretend to look alert you end up doing/saying daft things. Anyway he seemed impressed along with his entourage so I guess it was a result. I know I was talking some bobbins stuff to him. One thing I did notice was that he was wearing his nice mayorial gold chains but he had a naff modern Bath and North East Somerset plaque attached to it that looked out of place something rotten. Someone should have told him.

More people were interested in my Lomographic site which was pleasing. Someone managed to nick a load of business cards off Steve which was strange. Must be some competitor. Must say that some of the work from the students at the college is fantastic. There some brilliant screen prints of high rised tower blocks and urban landscapes which were most impressive.

Just when I thought I'd shaken off my hayfever I have a nightmare of a weekend sneezing and having a runny nose. Did not look pleasant no matter how hard I tried to keep it together when serving Oxfam customers.