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Come on Eileen
Over the weekend I spent about 16 hours on the train going almost the length of the country twice, been on 8 different trains, listened to 200 tracks on my iPod and read three papers. It's was a beautiful setting for a wedding. The University of Glasgow Chapel is quite magnificent. The rain managed to hold off for most of the day too. Good to see my old University friends again and catch up. The whole thing really made me feel that I still had a long way to go before I am going to settle down and get savings, mortgages and marriage in my life. Going back to university to study this year may have set me back a few years but I am really pleased I did it. So back to wedding, it was a pretty standard affair but Mr 4 Play Disco (ho, ho) really was a bit pants in terms of the music he was playing, he didn't have any classic wedding tunes apart from Abba so it was just Britney, Christina, Steps to keep the women happy on the dancefloor. Anyway some of us went down to the Barfly and continued the night there. I still feel I have a hangover or that's probably a lack of sleep.

Congratulations Dave and Sarah!