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Balloon madness
It's quite unusual for me to put a real great link here but I have an exclusive. One of the guys doing the MA bit of the Interactive Multimedia section of the course Tim has done a brilliant thing for his project. It's a online random messaging thing based on the old balloon distance competitions that schools have at their summer fairs releasing hundreds of balloons into the sky seeing if they reached further than the high street. Rather than attach a name and address, you attach your message and email. Anyway it's brilliant in that the idea is so simple and the animations and look is dare I say it perfect. The more people that play it the more messages that get added to the database and you may get more random messages to the question you attached to your balloon.

It has been shortlisted for the Mondo Group web design award. Good luck Tim! Steve on the course has also been shortlisted for his Purr Records website which is great as well.

Less of the talk, the best way is to experience visit Balloon Sender yourself. You do need Flash 6 but it's well worth it.