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Sticky business
I'm finding that because I haven't been blogging quite as often as I would have liked recently that I sometimes lost for words to type when I do have time to write something. Maybe I've lost touch with blogging or because I continually have other things on my mind. You might be saying that those thoughts should be shared here but that would really take a while to explain and although I'm not really too bothered about offending people, I want to be a bit more diplomatic about those issues.

Well it's been warm and horribly humid for the past few days which makes it worst type of weather to be working in. You can't enjoy the nice weather and have to be stuck in a computer room fixing HTML cross platform bugs. IE 6 does have some huge problems with CSS and now I know why there is a lobby out there trying to get Microsoft to make it proper CSS compliant.

Tonight I have enjoyed Melys, Remington Super 60, Log, The Jesus And Mary Chain and Saint Low. Quite a while since I sat down and listened to a lot of music while I worked. My personal project - This Room Of Wonder is coming along nicely. The bulk of the core stuff is there. Just a load of little things to do. It's a deconstruction of the items that make up my room in Bath. Lots of crap musings, animations and little flash gizmos. I've developed all the graphics using a single typeface to construct everything. May sound silly but you'll get it once I finish it.