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Go back, I can't go back
Although today was hectic in terms of rushing around I feel quite satisfied on a work and personal level. Not something that happens that often. Recently it's been far too much work related thoughts. So much that finding time to read the day's newspaper was difficult. Anyway finally decide on the menu structure for the Museum Of Costume website my group is building and after a lot of hassle it is quite pleasing to get the stylesheet rollovers working in a nice manner.

So I decide to go down to the Bath International Music Festival even though it has been raining all day. The opening procession was really good. A lot of themed schools taking on board a world music theme. Brazilian dancers leading it were especially good. Missed the first band but Manecas Costa from West Africa were brilliant and then followed by the Cuban Duany y su MamboChambo who really got the Spanish students around dancing. The rain even stopped for a duration of the set. Overall a great night, the fireworks finale had some nice moments but a pretty standard affair. It was a real shame that the weather wasn't nice but most people had a good time. Unfortunately the Bath FM links between the bands was absolutely bobbins. They shouldn't even be on tinpot local radio.