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It's gone pear shaped, again
I don't think some of us can believe it. All of our home directories on the Linux machine for college work has somehow disappeared. Okay we all have backups of our work, but just recreating directory structures and testing everything will take up time. As far as I can tell the web server is still serving pages and ones that are not cached either so that sounds like users just can't access them. This is another in a long line of frustrations with equipment and configurations. Everyone has got better things to think about than worry about whether a server is up an running. It took a month to get external FTP access to the course server.

The Manchester Move Festival looks promising with plenty of decent bands without the need for camping out. There's The Flaming Lips, Super Furry Animals, Charlatans, Inspiral Carpets, REM, Badly Drawn Boy and a bunch of others. Tickets from WayAhead.