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Night the daze away
I'm starting to enjoy putting together small video clips from captured DV footage using Final Cut Pro. Okay so the things I am using it for at the moment is a bit trivial but editing usability tests so that they are presentable will be a great.

The thing about knowing how to program in a group project is that you have to decide how much to program. I've started writing a search engine for the project we are working on but creating dummy pages for the other pages seems a bit pointless. However with a limited amount of time if I was to embark on writing the entire back end, then I would have even less sleep than I do now. I guess it's a compromise especially since we are only meant to be building a proof of concept prototype. The other groups have less of a worry as with a less technical understanding the decision is already made for them.

Laura Cantrell on John Peel has been excellent. I stopped listening to John for a while because I was too distracted by my work but he's had some great session in recently. I missed the Nina Nastasia session from last week but in the next few weeks there is going to be a Mogwai, Undertones and The Fall playing.