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Divided at an alarming rate
The WFMU record fair is on this weekend in New York City. A brilliant place to get some good bargains in almost any genre. I was there a couple of years back and amazingly resisted spending too much money. However I did remember having to pop out of the hall a few times to go to the cash machine. My travel on the way back was a bit awkward trying not to crush my records. They have most of the radio shows broadcasted from the hall too which is great. I caught Greasy Kid's Stuff and the brilliant Laura Cantrell. Oh it's worth going to get some excellent WFMU T-shirts too.

Currently the new album by The Postal Service - Give Up is a must listen. I'm on my fourth listen so far and it's getting better. It's retro bedroom electronica with great lyrics and beat. Bits of Flaming Lips, Lightning Seeds, Field Mice, Notwist and more. Must not forget the really nice inlay design too, matt cream card with an aged feel, classic red and black.