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Something stupid
It seems like my university has the worst configured firewall ever. For the second time in a week the firewall has been hacked into and pounded into pulp rendering the external college network access useless. Supposedly the damage was so bad they are restricting access to outside too. Doesn't make it easy for the students who need to go on Internet to get their email and do research. Kind of made me feel angry that I couldn't do any work, then Paul said 'you are only ever angry at yourself' and I guess he's right. I shouldn't be mad at the inadequacies of things out of my control, you just need to take it as part of life.

Did some abstract painting and swirls today to get into a creative mode. I haven't done any for a long time and although most of it was rubbish I got a few good ideas from them. Hopefully I will be more inspired to think of something to do for my personal project. It's too difficult thinking of ideas for every module we have on the course as I have exhausted the ideas I had alreadyu early on. Maybe I should have kept one of them till the end. Anyway I really want to do something more abstract than the ideas I had before, don't think the fruit stickers are that inspiring for getting the creativity in there at the moment. Doing a Bembo's Zoo is something I can only aspire to. Maybe a grown up version?