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Oranges and apples
We have to do a major personal project in the final term of the PgDip part of the course. So I thought I better start thinking of some ideas. Most of the projects I've done for the course so far has been quite middle of the road, stuff to do with my record label, lomography, Zhan Zhuang, food co-op etc, so I am trying to think of a project that is abstract. I was going to do a Fruit stickers of the World website where people can upload interesting fruit stickers from around the world. I have been fascinated by some of the designs on the little sticker on fruit for a while. They had nice Looney Tunes ones when I was in America and my personal favourite are the Mona Lisa stickers that come on oranges, they must have got permission to use the image to promote oranges. Anyway I shouldn't have been surprised at all that it's quite a big thing with people having thousands of different stickers. I must admit that it's a bit extreme. When you were small and collected Panini stickers that was a pain to find the last sticker you needed, but the fruit stickers are an endless collection and is more of an obsession from I can tell by the Web sites I've seen. Anyway, here's a good write up explaining the reasons behind one persons fruit sticker collecting habits. Anyway have decided that I probably won't do this idea unless I could think of an original way of presenting it online. Guess this is highlighting another bit of weirdness in me.