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The state of being identical
So it was my housemate's birthday today and the Party Cake I made went down a treat. I don't usually blow my own trumpet but it was really good. Even better was the actual making of it. Complete messiness involving chocolate and cream.

So having been quite perked up making the cake and taking in the relative good weather I went into university to check my colour project on the Mac's and as usual the stylesheets messed little things here and there in the browsers which was annoying. Paul, an MA student was stuggling with some other stylesheet problems with little squares appearing on the side of his images. Roll on the day that everyone will be using a standardised renderer. I guess this leads to the undesign movement that I read about.

I'm not even going to write about the war because there is so much warblogging out there that the Guardian did a feature on one blog today. It's very interesting the points of view coming from different sides yet the hypocrisy surrounding this war is disturbing. That's enough.

The danger of having unknown email addresses was brought to my attention. I didn't realise that I had an email address with my ISP but I found out after attempting to configure my housemate email client tonight. I entered the wrong mail server and username info and a stream of dodgy spam and stuff came up. Quite embarrassing.