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I don't want control of you
What type of day an age are we living in when parents are so easily shouting abuse and threatening violence at their kids? Yesterday my housemate was riding along the Bristol to Bath cycle path. A family of two adults and two children were riding together and as it became busy along the path the father shouted "Don't ride two abreast you tw*ts!" (that's an 'a' and not a 'i'). Yes that's right I couldn't believe it either. This morning out of the bathroom this morning I heard a mother was shouting on the street "If you do that again I'm going to slap you right on the face!". I couldn't believe that either. I know that being a parent is difficult and stressful sometimes but if you can never justify threatening abuse of this sort in public or private. The kids are not going to learn if it's forced into them what the difference betwen good and bad. Everything is violence and abuse, just like the war.