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Did the lead make you angry?
Okay my long running battle to discover why sometimes the economies of scale in food (especially in utterly irresistable Milky Bars) doesn't get passed to the consumer, is over. Not sure if Masterfoods has found the retail prices they are putting on Milky bars just silly or whether I just found places that sell them cheaper. Anyway if you visit exhibit 1 at the bottom of the page is the issue I have. Double Milky Way packs used to cost about 5-7 pence more than just buying 2 single Milky Way bars. Anyway recently the recommend price for single Milky Way bars has gone up to 16 pence and I have found places selling double Milky Way packs for 30 pence. This is more sensible. My friend Adam told me once that he saw toilet rolls costing more for the bigger packs than buying multiple small packs. I think supermarkets just see their customers being a bit dim. I'm not being a miser but I just thought that the previous price difference was quite mad.

This week should be good as my favourite television programme returns to terrestrial TV in Britain. Er is probably the only programme I've watched religiously for the past eight years, I don't watch much TV but the series has been consistently brilliant even when major characters leave. The ninth season is promised to be just as good and I hail Channel Four for spending the huge amounts they did to get the rights from Sky. At least it will get me away from working on my projects.