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No matter which way I walked, it stayed with me
The joys of putting together content for a website, especially when you are repurposing existing content from an old site. It was like back in the old days putting everything together at the last minute and pushing the client back as much as possible. Good old Editplus saved the day for the powerful search and replace functions sorting out the dud links.

Although it was a little chilly the sun was out and sitting in the Abbey square at lunchtime was pleasant. The busker was going through the busker favourites like 'The Drugs Don't Work', 'Wonderwall', 'Maggie' etc. All of a sudden about 100 school children surrounded the square shouting 'No war, make love' or something of that nature, observed by two police officers. The busker stood in the middle of the square just stopped playing wondering what to make of it. I didn't know either. Then on the way back home a load of people playing the drums outside the supermarket certainly made enough noise for Comic Relief.