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Head away for something
Went to Bristol for the BBC Vision Design question time. Basically some people from the BBC tell potential design graduates what areas they can work in and that in order to get anywhere you would need to be willing to work from the bottom up starting as a runner or tea boy without getting paid. It is quite disheartening for a lot of graduates with no experience and it was focused on people with art and design backgrounds. If you come out with so much debt these days, you are sometimes under so much pressure to pay off your debt that you will take anything that pays. I do understand that there are so many graduates coming out with similar skills that there is a need to find the best. As with much of these events it over ran by a long way and I got a headache from just sitting for 2 and a half hours without a drink and then getting lost around Bristol's one way road system didn't help.

I would need to really get my design output increased by ten fold if I am to work as a dedicated designer in the area.