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I came down faster than I went up
So only one more week to go until the term ends. It really does go by too quickly and with the amount of work to complete, it's best not to think about it too often. We went through a few bits of sound and the process of synching sound with video which was very interesting. Only problem is that we don't have the software at university to try it. This seems a bit silly. We will be informed about it but without trying it out it's not exactly that much help. Sometimes I really like what we get taught on the course and then others I think 'this is a bit silly'.

The usability tests we did on some of our prototypes revealed one thing - drag and drop interfaces are useless as most people don't read instructions. We will be doing a group project for the Bath Museum Of Costume next term which should be interesting. Especially since we will be writing the brief rather than the client. Bet the spec still changes though.