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It ain't easy being flashy
After yesterday's rant about Flash and some of the problems I have been having my brother sent me some Flash links for me to look at. Although a lot of the sites tend to be animation based this one was nice Zapdramatic. Basically a series of animations with choices you have to make based around negotiation in different scenarios from hostage to arbitraton. I tried the detonator man one and was intrigued. Although quirky in style and very reminiscent of late 80's adventure games I really liked it. It made me think about the choices you have to make in those situatations and the real skill involved, say the wrong thing and everyone is dead. The other sites I looked at are the real show-offy fashion designer sites like Yohji Yamamoto. They tend to be impressive for looking at a designers collection but are far too weighty for normal dial-up users. I guess their target audience of magazines/style guru's etc. will have access to high speed connections.