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And that has at least as much to do with entertainment as with truth
Another Flash in the pan, sometimes I just don't know why Flash behaves erratically. The Actionscripting reference is quite good but if only what it describes would work. Instead I have to spend time writing workarounds for Actionscript that shoudl work in the first place which isn't all that good.

I am debating about the file sizes of my Flash project. At the moment I am attempting to keep the entire project under 100k which I know is pushing the boat out a bit. The thing is when I go to most sites it only takes 5-10 seconds for me to be able to determine whether the information I want is there or if it is interesting to wait for the full download. If I place a loading sequence on my Flash movie most people can't make that decision while they wait 30 seconds. It's back down to that animation route again. I must admit I like some of the things that can be done with Flash beyond sophisticated animation but they tend to be either advant-garde or experimental 'multimedia artworks' rather than a use for commercial/widely accessible basis. Sounding a bit against it aren't I? I'm not really, I just want to understand the thinking behind the choices for using Flash for an entire web site.

XPlay 1.1.0 is finally released as a full version. Have yet to test the new capabilities to copy songs from the iPod to the computer but I think it's a great addition. Mediafour really lost out when Apple chose MusicMatch to collaborate with for the Windows version of the iPod software. XPlay is still a good piece of software, just wish the transfer rates are a little bit quicker, but that might be limitation of my aging computer.